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You can help spread the word about the importance of nonprofit advocacy and the board’s engagement in it. Join the conversation and signal your commitment to Stand for Your Mission.

In the face of changes for the nonprofit sector, board members must be strong advocates. The Stand for Your Mission campaign is about a fundamental understanding of the role of nonprofits in society, what our work means to this country and the people we serve, and how all of that is affected by the decisions our elected officials make and the policies they enact.

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Now more than ever. #istand4 [insert brief statement about your cause or mission.] standforyourmission.org

The time is now. What will you #stand4? #StandforYourMission

New leadership means change. What will that mean for your mission? #StandforYourMission |

I am a #nonprofit board leader and I believe in the power of advocacy #AdvocacyNow | 

#Advocacy is a core #nonprofit board responsibility #AdvocacyNow | 

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I am a nonprofit board leader and I believe in the power of advocacy. BoardSource is reinforcing the expectation that nonprofit board leaders step outside the boardroom and advocate for their missions. Learn more at www.StandforYourMission.org.

[YOUR ORGANIZATION] supports the Stand for Your Mission campaign! Advocacy is a core board responsibility and we are excited that the nonprofit sector is talking about this important step boards need to take to help their organizations move to the next level. The campaign was launched by BoardSource last year in partnership with the Alliance for Justice, the Campion Foundation, the United Philanthropy Forum, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the National Council of Nonprofits. www.StandforYourMission.org

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